Who Uses WordPress

Who Uses WordPress

We get a lot of people asking why use WordPress and coming up with some pretty odd reasons not to.

We recommend WordPress over many other website builder solutions and certainly over hard coding.  It offers so many additional benefits over a hard coded site I wonder why so many people still hard code (we accept that certain sites may have to) and don’t use WP more.

So I can’t say WordPress is a 100% solution but I will suggest that it is 95% perfect for 95% of website users.

So this one exception of mine is an exception but I and 60 Million others can’t all be wrong.

I thought I would show you some notable users.

BBC America

Star Wars
The New York Times

James Bond


The Rolling Stones
Snoop Dog
Justin Timberlake

Why do they choose to use WordPress?

Because it is free,

Download for free and be up and running in a matter of minutes!

Easy to use,

This has to be the easiest way to get a website up and running and knowing that you can grow it anyway you like.

Infinitely scalable,

From a small blog to a full blown eCommerce site, WordPress handles it all.

Can be as simple or as complicated as you or your coding skills are,

WordPress uses php, html and css. These are fairly easy to get to grips with even for a beginner, use a child theme (see article) and play away as much as you like.

It is easy to maintain,

Updates can be automated but even done manually should prove easy.

Has a fantastic community feel about it, there is so much help “out there” that you should never be stuck.

WP is used by over 22% of wesite users and Over 60 million people have chosen WP to power their websites and blogs

There are more plugs or addons and themes that I care to count!

There are currently 2600+ WordPress themes and 31,000+ plugins available for free. You can download, install and use them on any website.

Its mobile freindly and responsive “out of the box”

You can set websites to look different on big and small screens easily in WordPress

Try it for yourself, I doubt you will regret it or ever look back

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