Backup, Backup, Backup

Backup?  Who me?

What could be worse than losing your data; someone else losing it for you!

UPDATE!!!!!!!  It Just Happened to ME!!!!!!!!!

For some unknown reason, this whole account was just deleted from the server, I was working on a new post a wham! nothing, no site.  Looking at the server, the site really was not there any more.  The logs stated that I had deleted it but I knew that wasn’t right.

To cut a long story short, I had to rebuild the account as I hadn’t backed up for 2 days.  I am so annoyed with myself for forgetting to set the backup.  I had actually done a fair bit in that 2 days and I lost the lot.

Backup, Backup, Backup but only to an independent storage like DropBox.  

Most hosting firms backup your data nowadays and many offer a backup as part of the install processes, such as Softaculous, trouble is, they backup your data on their servers or your own account on their servers.

No doubt you will have seen the news lately where at least 2 web hosts have accidentally deleted customers data, one worse than the other. There is no comeback for you the customer and you have lost your website.


You have done your own backups to you own computer or even email.

The best way, if you want to pay, is a plugin.  It’s relatively cheap, pretty foolproof and you can set it up and sleep soundly knowing all is well.  I’m not going to recommend one over another but google “WordPress backup” and you will find loads of articles.

The other way is the free way; do it yourself and as long as you have a decent broadband connection needn’t take forever.  Most hosting providers offer manual backups of your site, either full or partial backup and database backups.

You could of course use FTP and simply copy your data to your PC or Dropbox, Google drive, Microsoft Onedrive.

The downside of course is remembering to do it!  Just think of those poor souls who relied on 123 reg Marco Marsala!!!

If you have done this you can easily and quickly be up and running again by finding a new host and uploading your backups. This can be dome manually from your Control Panel and you simply download the site and database to your computer.

To find out how to do this see this article.


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