Free Website, Free Domain and Free management for a year.

UPDATE: Thanks for the amazing responses but that’s it folks, all 5 are now taken…….

Free Website, Free Domain and Free management for a year.

As website is a must for any new or small business nowadays, it complements but does not replace your social media sites.  But we know that for some this is a big step, a worry about cost, complication and support from some distant call centre puts many off.

In line with our strategy of supporting start-ups and small business in Shrewsbury see Start Your Own Business we are offering this to 5 start ups or small business, clubs and even maybe individuals in and around Shrewsbury.

But you wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to give something away for nothing.

If it’s too good to be true then it must be bad! You get nothing for nothing!
It will be a con! leave well alone, I’d rather pay?!
Do we have an ulterior motive for offering a free service? Well of course we do.  We hope you will be really happy with the service you get, find out that you really are getting good value for money and that big and very cheap is not always best and stay will us.


If you like us we both win, if you don’t we lose unhappy

We really love WordPress as it is so simple (usually) to use and manage so it is of course a WordPress site we are offering.

If you think you would prefer a “real” website, see the article on “Who Uses WordPress”, you may be surprised.

Are there any catches?

Well not catches but a few conditions (We are not mean but we are also not daft).


  • Applications from Shrewsbury and surrounding areas only.
  • We will not build a free eCommerce site for you (we will if you choose to pay for it of course)
  • We retain the right to accept or reject any requests that we think are not in the spirit of the offer.
  • We retain the right to terminate any website that goes against T&Cs.
  • We retain the right to terminate the free services if we feel the free service is being abused (you will be offered a paid alternative).
  • We will make changes in website design as directed but we will ask that these requests are kept reasonable, we will refuse if we feel too many requests are being made.
  • We do expect that you will manage some if not all of your content.
  • We will maintain, backup (definately backup off the main server) your website after any changes.
  • The hosting plan is our home plan which is suitable for small business, clubs or home use.
  • If an upgrade is required to our unlimited package, this can be done on payment of the upgrade cost.
  • You have right to terminate at any time.
  • On termination, the free domain name will be transferred to you on payment if you wish.
  • On termination, you will have 1 week from terminatuion date to move your website to another host.
  • If you require anything specific, please ask.
  • You agree that we can showcase your website and add a small link in the footer to



If you prefer to submit a more in depth and detailed request, please use our form on  website.

If we accept you, we will give you a code worth £299.99 to enter at

This is seriously a genuine free offer!  We must be mad!

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