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Free Accounting Package

I have used many accounting packages in my life, some fairly straightforward, some outrageously complicated so I thought I would road-test a free offering called Manager.

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This is a downloadable package that you use in the traditional way; on your computer.  Once setup, it opens to a nice summary.

accounting software

This is a genuine free to use package with the restriction of one user although you can use it for multiple businesses.  It is very easy to download (3 mb) and install.

They make their money from bigger businesses requiring multi-user capabilities or remote access who will typically use cloud edition or server edition which are paid products.

First impressions are it looks uncomplicated with a few general sounding tabs.  Two of these tabs I do like, they are Guides and Forum and are definitely the first place to visit.

The guides are simple to follow and the forum is a great way to see what others are doing and what issues they may be having.

OK, so where do you start?  Well first select settings and enter your business details, name etc and viola, an empty summary showing a nice set of modules displaying your current financial position (see first picture).

There are many options here but to begin with you can leave them and come back later.

accounting software

Next choose the parts of the package you want to use, select customise. You have a choice of what you activate and the choice is rather good:

accounting software

As far as I can see it covers all bases including debtors, creditors, inventory, cash, VAT, bank,  employees, payroll, logo upload, backup (including to Dropbox) etc

It supports upload from excel through its batch file process which is a bit of a godsend if you are not starting from scratch and want to upload your customer and supplier data.

Some of the things that are interesting are Employees and Payroll, billable time and expenses, expense claims and indeed emails.


Of course it produces all the reports you want:

accounting software

I found this package very easy to use and although I am a great supporter of VT Transactions (I hate those over bloated, difficult to correct big business/ small business packages) I will continue to populate this because, well….I like it!

This is an ideal accounting/bookkeeping package for a start-up, small business owner, club or indeed a bookkeeper that only needs access for one person.

Download it here

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