Start ups


Free Accounting Package – Computer

Free Accounting Package I have used many accounting packages in my life, some fairly straightforward, some outrageously complicated so I…

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free pack

Free new business start-up pack

Get a FREE new business start-up pack from Start Your Own Business.   It contains everything that you need to…

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accounting ratios

Key Accounting Ratios

Key Accounting Ratios This guide aims to help you to understand and use those accounting ratios your bookkeeper or accountant…

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Do you understand what your Bookkeeper or Accountant gives you

Bookkeepers and Accountants talk their own language but do produce really good reports on the state of your business, but…

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which way

Sole Trader or Limited Company

Sole Trader or Limited Company This question is asked almost as much as do I really need an accountant? Advantages…

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Sole Trader

What is a Sole Trader

What is a Sole Trader? It simply means being self-employed. Being a sole trader business involves some personal financial risk….

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